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Did you know which fish  can live together?  

Ornamental fish, soft corals and invertebrates can be acquired in 3 ways.  

∙ Wild capture ∙ Tank raised ∙ Captive bred  

Today many species are wild caught by the local fishermen who make a living  capturing aquarium animals while being given a strong reason to protect that  environment for the future generations.  

Is it good to conserve our environment?  

Sustainable collection for the aquarium has the potential to protect our world’s coral reefs ecosystems by showing them the true value for their natural  resources. So they understand the importance of this habitats healthy.  

Valid reason for some aquarist who have experience or are breeders to choose a wild caught animal over captive one. Today we are going to learn most common  salty water ornamental fish that can cohabit without any rivalry of territory or as  a prey to the other. 

Clown fish  

∙ It’s easy to keep.  

∙ Once placed in big aquariums it establishes its territory and will seldom  stray from that area. 


∙ It’s the most non-aggressive fish.  

∙ Extreme hardy and gorgeous colored  

∙ Adapts to tank life very fast. 


∙ Sociable  

∙ Bright colored  

∙ Reef safe  

∙ Happy is small tanks  

∙ Fantastic character, spends there day looking for new home in your rock  work to put there selves into.  

∙ Eats algae that grows in the tank 


∙ They do not have bladder hence they patch on rocks to avoid sinking. ∙ Googly eyes that move independent like those of a chameleon. ∙ Striking colors and okay with small tanks. 


∙ Gets along with other fish well  

∙ Can be aggressive toward other yellow tang and surgeon fish if they are  not introduced in the same time.  

∙ You will be entertained by their “follow the leader” patterns in and  through your tank rock structure 


∙ Active fish  

∙ They control the pests e.g. Eating up the flat worm  

∙ Peaceful  

∙ Get well with each other  

∙ They do require some sand to sleep during the night. 

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