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Are you in need of the finest, most competent and the leading exporter of all your ornamental marine fish demands? Look no further, Bluefields Aquatics is the solution. We are by far the best ornamental marine fish suppliers providing the best services and ornamental marine livestock to our esteemed customers from all over the world. We pride ourselves as being the best ornamental marine fish supplier offering the best competitive prices, size variability, value for money and species diversity thereby greatly surpassing our competitors. 

Want to know more about Marine Ornamental Fish?

It’s with no doubt that the ornamental marine world is a great mystery to even the greatest scientists worldwide. The oceanic gem has approximately 80% of its area unexplored thereby creating a great desire to know more about these flamboyant aquatic creatures especially the marine ornamental fish who are of high value in the aquarium industry today. 

What is marine ornamental fish?  

Ornamental marine fishes are inhabitants of coral and rocky areas and also among marine plants. There are over 3000 species of fish worldwide with approximately 35 families of marine ornamental fish. These adorned livestock are known for their attractive and dazzling colors, patterns and shapes. Furthermore, they come in all sizes from as small as the goby to as large as sharks. 

Why are marine ornamental fish important? 

Marine ornamental fish are among the fanciest pets to keep both at home or in a business set up as they come in a wide variety in terms of color, size and color pattern. Farmers and hobbyists mainly enjoy their attractive nature. Ornamental fishes are also known as living jewels with about 800 species belonging to ornamental fishes. 

What are ornamental fishes used for? 

Colorful and peculiar fishes are generally called the “ornamental fishes.” Their decorative and attractive nature make them a necessity for many families and aquariums. These fishes, kept in aquariums, are used for house interior design. Of late, they have occupied a significant place in the international aquarium  trade. 


Bluefields Aquatics has the best assortment of marine ornamental fish in its fish house with the rest readily available to be outsourced from our ocean by able divers and fishermen through sustainable marine life fishing practices approved by the world fishing community. 

Examples of  marine ornamental fish species available at Bluefields Aquatics include: Angel fish, Wrasses, Eels, Sharks Cleaners, Clown fish, Lionfish, Butterfly fish, Gobies and Damsels etc. 

Apart from ornamental marine fish, we also supply soft corals such as Radianthus mix, Discosoma green, Zoohanthus, Sarcophyton etc.  and marine invertebrates of several genuses including: Sea cucumbers, sea urchins, crabs, lobsters, shrimps, snails, octopus, slugs, starfish and sand dollars.   

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